About us 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

It all began with a baby...

When our first born baby came along, we were so excited, so nervous and everything in between. We were new parents! We enjoyed every second of it even the messy times & sleepless nights.

We lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and we quickly became aware that our tiny baby comes with a lot of bulky baby essentials. We had strollers, walkers, jumpers, high chairs and bathtubs… for some reason the bathtub stuck out the most. It was the one baby accessory that we couldn’t find a place for. It would mostly sit on the bedroom floor and we would be tripping over it…all the time!

So an idea formed: Start a company to make baby products with space saving constraints in mind! We started on our journey and became very passionate about the idea of making it easier for parents. When it was time to choose a baby product to start with, only one came into mind... a Collapsible Baby Bathtub.




This company was created for babies with parents in mind. Our goal is to help parents get back their living space and make bulky baby accessories a thing of the past.

Our focus is space saving, portable, collapsible & foldable products. Just because these are essential products for a baby, it doesn’t mean they have to take up essential living space, especially when not being used. Following this model helps make our products travel friendly when going on trips.

We want you to feel confident about our products, which is why we use them too. In doing so, we make sure the needs of the parents are being met with a functional durable baby product. Using eco-friendly materials that is non-toxic and odor free. Our products are also certified by a CPSIA approved lab, to add another layer of trust and confidence.

Our goal is to help parents find products that are useful, compact & durable. We would love to grow our company so that we can give back to families & communities in need!

Choose us for your baby’s registry worthy essentials and space saving needs!

Stay safe & well,

The Moral Brand®, LLC